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Exclusive caffe’ in Italy?
Padua has the right ambience.

Yes, indeed and not only the ambience but also the coffee!
At the Caffè Pedrocchi in the city center you can enjoy a quite unique version of the famous Italian black drink. Since 1826 the Pedrocchi family serves coffee with mint leaves and mint syrup to add a special taste, it is said, to match the color of the coffee place itself.
Sure a touch of elegance that makes the well-known Caffè Pedrocchi really exclusive. 

Padua itself is exclusive. 

It is located in the north east of Italy, in Veneto, and was always known for its ancient University, University of Padua, one of world’s oldest surviving university, and for the many academics and scientists that since centuries find in Padua the right place to meet. No wonder that the first women ever to receive a PhD from a university was indeed in Padua in 1678, Cornaro Pisconia. 

As we walked through the city center in a still warm October afternoon, just few weeks ago when the restrictions to contain the outbreak of Covid19 were not yet so strict in Italy, we could feel the good mood of the weekend’s shoppers, listen to the joyful music of the street musicians and admire the elegant streets and buildings around us!

Padua, both academic and elegant, has for sure the right ambience.

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Erika M. Barban 

Picture is published here under Creative Commons

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