Erika M. Barban

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My name is Erika, and I was born in Vicenza Italy, a city known as the Gold City. 
Vicenza is a beautiful place in the North of Italy, that is unfortunately sometimes forgotten by foreign tourists who usually prefer the much more famous Venice and Verona.

In Vicenza there are a great number of jewellery companies and the city hosts the most important Jewellery exhibition in the world: VicenzaOro.

I have travelled throughout my life and have lived in Shanghai and Hong Kong for more than 13 years. I really love Asia with all its diversity and mix of cultures.
During my travels, I’ve met and talked to many people and when it comes to speaking about my work as Italian jewellery sales manager, I’ve found that the topic always lights a spark of interest, admiration and attention from those I meet. 

Italian jewellery can be described as beautiful, precious accessories, that can be likened to pieces of art.
Italian goldsmiths combine their sense of art, fine taste and style with creativity and despite the competitiveness of the world nowadays, they are still able to create unique, essential, special pieces of jewellery. 

From the famous jewellery brands, the worl-known jewellery producers, right down to the unknown artisan goldsmiths, all have distinctive  style that comes from being Italian in common. Their Italian origins, as well as their jewellery designs, speak volumes for their creativity.

I call them all artists, jewellery artists, as they are able to give life to their innovative ideas and model precious materials and stones with elegance and originality.
They truly are our heritage.

As part of the AEYKO journey, you will feel like you are in Italy, thanks to the jewellery made by the finest Italian artisans in the world and hand-picked for you be the most competent experts in the sector. 

Stay with us, follow AEYKO! 

Erika M. Barban – Founder of

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