About Us

About Us

AEYKO.com is a new way for you to discover the quality, style and glamour of Italian jewellery and artisanal craftsmanship. 
In one easy-to-navigate e-commerce platform you can find the absolute best Italian jewellery brands and manufacturers from the comfort of your own homes. 
With 21 years’ experience in the industry in Asia and Europe, we have carefully selected the brands and products that are found on the AEYKO platform. For us, these brands best represent what it truly means to be “Made-In-Italy”.

Timeless passion

“Made in Italy” is synonymous with quality – in any language. The phrase conjures up magical images of the best attributes of a country that has a long and proud tradition of creating products of true beauty. By using world class design, precision and cutting edge technology, Italian products are known throughout the world for their unmatched quality, driven by the Italian love of beauty, culture and craft heritage.   Each product does justice to the true meaning of “Made-in-Italy” and the spirit of “La Dolca Vita’ – the sweet life.

AEYKO is managed as a dedicated e-marketplace but operates in a way that you – as the final consumer – will only ever have to deal with one single point of contact. Orders are placed through our system, tracked, packaged and shipped by us, in one seamless transaction. Every piece of jewellery offered is 100% Made in Italy and shipped directly to you from our own distribution centre in Italy.

AEKYO.com is thus your personal invitation to come and experience our world and discover the delights of jewellery created by Italy’s finest master craftsmen.

Our Philosophy

To use our expertise in the sector to be the bridge between the finest artisanal Italian jewellery and you, the discerning customers we serve across Asia-Pacific.

To immerse you in the Italian way – “La Dolce Vita” – simply by crossing our doors.

We are dedicated to the uncompromising pursuit of the finest jewellery, mad by the best artisans in the world – In Italy. All the products we offer are selected for quality, by the best experts in the sector.


Asmus O. Ziegler

Founder & CEO

Asmus is a German architect, designer and stonemason, with an endlessly creative mind and passionate networker. In 2006 he moved to China and worked in the luxury field of hotel design across greater China. In 2013 Asmus moved to Hong Kong and founded EA Jewellery together with his partner Erika. Now he is combining with AEYKO his knowledge of Luxury to his passion for Italian Jewellery.

Stefania Sbaldiero

Logistic Manager

Stefania is a person with good communication, interpersonal skills, and good listening skills, but her best gift is precision, transmuted into passion, love that she can put into every little detail, in every little, big gesture that surely leaves a sign in people's hearts ...

Francesco Bonafine

Chief Digital Officer

Francesco has 12 years of experience in IT. He has started his career in IBM and then he moved to Google where he has worked for 7 years. In 2017 Francesco founded the full stack digital agency Digital Nomads Hong Kong which became official Google Partner in 2018. At AYKO he brings the expertise of growing companies through the online channels.

Erika M. Barban

Product Management

Erika is born in Vicenza, the Italian city of gold, and all her life and career have been connected to jewellery. She initially worked in jewellery sales in Italy and later in Asia. In 2007 Erika moved to China and gained invaluable knowledge and insight into the Asian customer's needs, wants and tastes. With AEYKO she wishes to bring to Asian customers the best of Italian jewellery craftsmanship.

Tommaso Ferron

Brand Management

Tommaso is an Digital & Branding Communication specialist. After it’s college degree and many work experiences across the digital world, he founded his own Digital & Branding agency named “Fivesix” in Vicenza (IT) that today manages graphic communications for many ambitious brands, including AYKO.